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Valley of the Moon Fundraising has been serving the northern California area for more than 25 years. From our wide range of fundraising products, to our unique customized prize programs, we are here to create the perfect program for your school or organization.

Please feel free to browse our website and check out all the fundraising programs that are now available for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. Just click on any brochure and enjoy a virtual tour of all that we have to offer!

One of the things that makes Valley of the Moon Fundraising different from other fundraising companies, is that we make every effort to support vendors in the bay area. Lucky for us, and for you, we found several companies who offer the best quality products at the best prices for our customers. And, of course, it's always a plus to get great local customer service! With all the new programs & prizes Valley of the Moon is offering, our goal is to make 2014 a banner year for all of our schools & organizations!  

Extreme Prize Chart 2014-2015

Just released, the new extreme prize chart for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.  Many new prizes for this year including the "bearded hats" and the "bluetooth speaker."  Please click on the chart to see all the prizes up close.  Prize charts can be used for all the fundraisers we provide.

Love is all you need!

If you're looking for something "new & different" for spring or fall, it's time to spread the LOVE!! This catalog offers a wide variety of tote bags, backpacks, beach bags & lunch bags, all eco-friendly fabric, and washing machine & dishwasher safe. Made by the same high-quality manufacturer who's noted for Volcom, Roxy and Billabong products, LOVE has something for men, women and kids! Check it out!


Better Product$ + Better Prize$ = Bigger Profit$!

When it comes to prize incentives for the students, ours are always leading-edge, and guaranteed to motivate all your kids! They're carefully selected, and placed at levels that actually give the students an opportunity to earn even the top prizes offered! Not only do we have a fabulous customized prize chart, but we also offer fun & exciting events that you can add to your prize package. Click on our Prize Chart, and see what we mean!

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