When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always select delivery address. That is where you will place school name and student name. So that your student will receive credit for prizes. ALL COOKIE DOUGH AND CHEESECAKE WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION. NO HOME DELIVERS!!!!!
 When buying products online for your school or organization, you must  always select delivery address. That is where you will  place school name and student name. So that your student will  receive credit for prizes. ALL COOKIE DOUGH AND CHEESECAKE WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION. NO HOME DELIVERS!!!!! 

There's a Perfect Fundraiser for Every Need!

Here at Valley of the Moon, we provide many year-round fundraising opportunities. Please click on the link to your left, and see what options might be right for your school. Whether your group is large or small, let us design a program to suit your needs that will earn you the most money with the least amount of effort!

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