When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always enter the school and student information first. Then select the delivery address, so that you can enter your information for delivery of the product from the student or organization. In order for your school or organization to receive credit for your purchase, this information must be entered correctly. ALL COOKIE DOUGH,SOCKS AND TEA WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION. NO HOME DELIVERIES!!!!!
When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always enter the school and student information first.Then select the delivery address, so that you can enter your information for delivery of the product from the student or organization.In order for your school or organization to receive credit for your purchase, this information must be entered correctly. ALL COOKIE DOUGH,SOCKS AND TEA WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION.NO HOME DELIVERIES!!!!! 

Rolling Video Games 

 Rolling Video Games offers fully-mobile, on-site entertainment and more than a dozen exhilarating activities including Video Game Theaters, Giant Hamster Balls, Laser Tag, and the new game additions every year! We offer this game truck at 6 to 10 items sold for our cookie dough/magazine programs. We have proven if most of the students at the school can sell this many items, we can boost the schools sale. This is a event students will get excited about. 

Video Game Truck

Our state of the art mobile game theaters are the star of every party and guaranteed to amaze! Imagine playing the hottest video games like Guitar Hero, Madden Football and Call of Duty on huge plasma screens in a climate controlled gaming utopia. Now picture all of that plus multi-player game play, surround sound audio, laser light effects and fog machines and you've got an experience they'll never forget!  Video Game Parties are just one of the exhilarating activities available at your Rolling Video Games mobile entertainment event.

Human Hamster Ball

Our Giant Hamster Balls are a unique and exciting way to experience the thrill of 360 degree fun. Whether standing up or sitting down, you'll have a blast rolling around on just about any surface. For even more fun, add a second hamster ball to create competitions. Big enough (and safe enough) for both kids and adults, it's like nothing you've ever experienced (unless you're a hamster)!

If you are interested in using this event to help motivate the kids for your next Fundraising sale, please let us know and we can set it up for your next Fundraiser.

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