When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always enter the school and student information first. Then select the delivery address, so that you can enter your information for delivery of the product from the student or organization. In order for your school or organization to receive credit for your purchase, this information must be entered correctly. ALL COOKIE DOUGH, POPCORN AND TEA WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION. NO HOME DELIVERIES!!!!!
When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always enter the school and student information first.Then select the delivery address, so that you can enter your information for delivery of the product from the student or organization.In order for your school or organization to receive credit for your purchase, this information must be entered correctly. ALL COOKIE DOUGH, POPCORN AND TEA WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION.NO HOME DELIVERIES!!!!! 

Herbert Slater Middle School

Jason Lea, Principal

I have had the pleasure of working with Valley of the Moon Fundraising for 15 years.  Herbert Slater Middle School has stayed with Valley of the Moon Fundraising for a variety of factors. First, Valley of the Moon brings the kids into the equation up front. They allow them to be involved with choosing the incentives they believe their peers will be motivated by, and allows them to make decisions about the process. Not only does this get the student body more involved, but it is also an approach I personally believe works when dealing with kids. Secondly, Valley of the Moon provides excellent service. They work hard to meet the demands of all staff involved, and when we need things to happen a certain way, They makes sure they are done. Lastly, the product that Valley of the Moon Fundraising provides is outstanding. We have not had any complaints from our community, and I have personally been involved with all the products, because my children have participated in all the fundraising activities over the last 6 years.
The most important thing you get when working with Valley of the Moon Fundraising is loyalty. We realize that they not only provide a service to school, but to the entire community. They attend community events, and has contributed their own time and resources to events that support the students in our community. They do this because they know helping schools is a community effort, and we all get out of public education what we put into it.

Herbert Slater Middle School - Sandi Martin, Activities Director

Our middle school has worked with Valley of the Moon Fundraising for many years. We continue to contract with them because of the personalized service Sherry and her team provide us. We are always made to feel as if we are the most important group they have to work with. And Sherry, in particular, always goes the extra mile to make the activities director, the school's administration, secretarial staff and leadership students who help run the fundraiser, feel valued. We are given room to make the fundraiser our own, and Sherry works with us on the details so that the theme, the prizes, the incentives, are all tailored to meet our particular group's needs. The prizes are constantly updated to what is popular amongst middle schoolers, the cookie dough is delicious, and the magazines are the staple that everyone waits to renew year after year. There are many other companies out there that we could do business with, but we stick with Valley of the Moon because it simply works for us!


Pierre Laleau, Principal

Our experience with Valley of the Moon Fundraising  was exceptional. Selling cookie dough was our first major fund-raiser of the year, and They were extremely helpful and informative. They were able to get the kids motivated and excited to sell the product, which, in turn, helped us to reach our goal! Not only were they helpful with paperwork, they are great with follow-up and answering any questions that I had. They even stayed and helped us sort our product and hand it out. Talk about great service! We look forward to working with Valley of the Moon again in the future for our fundraisers.


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