When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always enter the school and student information first. Then select the delivery address, so that you can enter your information for delivery of the product from the student or organization. In order for your school or organization to receive credit for your purchase, this information must be entered correctly. ALL COOKIE DOUGH, POPCORN AND TEA WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION. NO HOME DELIVERIES!!!!!
When buying products online for your school or organization, you must always enter the school and student information first.Then select the delivery address, so that you can enter your information for delivery of the product from the student or organization.In order for your school or organization to receive credit for your purchase, this information must be entered correctly. ALL COOKIE DOUGH, POPCORN AND TEA WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION.NO HOME DELIVERIES!!!!! 

Stella's Gourmet Cookie Dough

Stella's Gourmet Cookie Dough is a local family-owned company. With 40 pre-portioned cookies to a box, this program is 40%-50% profit, and is offered with bulk delivery (at a higher profit to the school), or pre-packed by student. Each box sells for $17, and Stella’s boasts 11 fabulous flavors, including their new Coconut Macaroon. Delivery takes 2 weeks.

If you would like to check out the ingredients, please click on the flavors for eac

Flavors of Cookie Dough

Here are the flavors of cookie dough that we offer in our catalog.  If you would like to see the ingredients from the cookies listed, click on the flavors below. 

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